Vizualizing Stories with Maps and Data

Weeksville Family Story Series

Carter/Mayo family story for collaborators on a family history project (with census data and archival records)

Vivian Warfield and her great-great grandfather Sidney Strangor Painter

Beyond the Tenement (this used to look beautiful but then ArcMap changed something in the back end of this program, and now it needs quite a bit of cleanup after the first few pages. Also it’s a spatial story, but not so much about quantitative data).

Other Data Stories

Missing Data Story for NHGIS in Minnesota (offered here as an example of communicating complex information)

Whole Foods Comes to Independence Heights for my collaborator on a larger project about race and real estate history in Houston.

Data Maps

Black homeowners in New York City in 1920.

Layered, Georeferenced Historic Maps of Central Brooklyn

Visual Narratives and Images

Racism and Real Estate in St. Louis  (this is a talk I often give. It is a narrative, illustrated version of a newspaper article I published a few years ago.)

“White Flight” in St. Louis —or— Look at all the wealth leaving the city (slideshow with captions)

The Racial Integration of the Weeksville School in 1893 in Brooklyn, New York (9-page illustrated story)

Family History Independence Heights (slide deck to illustrate the story of the houses moved to build the 610 freeway)

Family Wealth Over Generations in New York: 5 white families + 5 black families

Pauline and Edward (2 representative families of the above ten)