For Alexandra Bell

Dear Alexandra Bell,

I love your work. Here are a couple articles I thought you might find interesting. Every time I look at the “Lost Negro Colony” article I think of you. I’d love to see what you’d do with it. As Khalil Gibran Muhammad once said, “It wasn’t lost!” People knew it was there. It’s just that white people didn’t know. Framing a history as lost or disappeared or failing to recognize it at all — it’s an exercise of power, whether intentional or not… don’t you think?

If you ever decide to create a piece using this article, I bet Rob Fields at the Weeksville Heritage Center would be open to organizing an event around it.

pdf of full NYTimes article here: 1969_0702_NYTimesWeeksville

pdf of an article published in the NY Amsterdam News same week: 1969_0719_WeeksvilleDig